Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement in Manchester, NH

Reduce the amount of food waste in your home with a professionally installed garbage disposal. Call (603) 270-9224 to schedule garbage disposal installation or replacement services in Manchester, NH.

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Is your garbage disposal jammed or leaking? Need to install a new unit? Call our experts at LHR Plumbing and Heating for immediate service.

Reach out today to book an immediate appointment for garbage disposal installation or replacement in Manchester or surrounding areas in southern New Hampshire.

Ready to Install Your New Garbage Disposal?

If your kitchen currently doesn’t have a garbage disposal but you’re planning on installing one, it’s important to make sure that your plumbing as well as your electrical system are disposal-ready. If you are on the septic system, you will also need to ensure that the garbage disposal you install is septic safe.

You may also want to consider installing additional features and accessories, such as dishwasher drain connectors, push-button kits, and baffles. Our plumbers can help you choose the right garbage disposal unit and any upgrades you prefer.

Garbage Disposal Repair vs. Replacement

Your garbage disposal may be jammed due to food products that are hard to break down. Tougher food can sometimes have a hard time processing through the blades. If you are experiencing problems with your garbage disposal, you might be wondering if you should have your garbage disposal repaired or simply replace it altogether.

Blocked, jammed, or leaking garbage disposals are often easily repaired. We can provide you with a quick fix to help extend the life of your unit. However, if your garbage disposal is over ten years old and experiencing recurring problems, it might be more cost-effective to have it replaced.

Contact our experts today to schedule service with our plumbing experts and find out whether garbage disposal repair or replacement is best.

Selecting the Right Type of Garbage Disposal for Your Manchester Home

There are two types of garbage disposals available: continuous feed and batch feed units. Both differ significantly in function and convenience. Our experts can help you choose the one that will best meet your goals and budget.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposals

Are you looking for a standard garbage disposal that will work efficiently and get the job done? Continuous feed garbage disposals provide the greatest convenience and are the most budget-friendly.

Continuous feed garbage disposals allow you to continue dropping in food waste as the unit is running, making this option a great fit for households that produce a large amount of food waste regularly.

Batch Feed Garbage Disposals

Batch feed garbage disposals provide greater safety compared to their continuous feed counterparts. With a batch feed garbage disposal, a drain cover is required before the device will start running. This makes batch feed units ideal for households with small children or those who prefer safety over convenience.

No matter which type of garbage disposal you prefer, we will make sure your new unit is installed safely and efficiently.

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