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Heat Pump Services
Are you tired of experiencing temperature fluctuations in your home or dealing with skyrocketing energy bills? Heat pumps could be the solution you have been looking for! This innovative HVAC system not only provides efficient heating and cooling but also helps reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re searching for the best services in regard to heat pumps in Concord, NH, you’ve come to the right place. LHR Plumbing and Heating emerges as a formidable force in meeting this demand, presenting inventive and advanced approaches to warmth. We provide personalized heat pump HVAC solutions that seamlessly adapt to a spectrum of your heating requirements. As homeowners navigate the intricate terrain of heating choices, we stand out as a reliable ally, guaranteeing snug homes and unshakeable peace of mind.
Our experienced technicians prioritize safety and precision, providing reliable gas line installations for your home or business.

The Complete Heat Pump Service Package

We offer a wide range of heat pump services. Our team of certified and experienced experts specializes in

Indicators Suggesting Your Heat Pump Requires Attention

Heat pumps are an essential component of your home’s heating and cooling systems, and when they malfunction, they can significantly impact your comfort. So, how do you know when your heat pump needs repair? Some common signs include strange noises, a decrease in airflow, and an increase in your energy bills. Additionally, if your heat pump cycles on and off too frequently or fails to turn on, then it’s time to call a professional. We have years of experience in heat pump repair, and we can quickly diagnose and fix any issues.
Stay warm and cozy all season long with our top-notch heating services, delivering reliable comfort for your home.
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Is a Heat Pump the Right Choice for Your Home?

When it comes to choosing the right heating and cooling system for your home, the decision can be overwhelming. One option that stands out for its versatility and efficiency is the heat pump. But how do you know if a heat pump is the right choice for your home? Here are some valuable insights:

Professional Installation of Heat Pumps in Concord, NH

Make the right choice for your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Choose us for expert advice on heat pumps tailored to your Concord, NH, residence. Our certified team of experts has years of experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heat pumps. We use only the highest quality materials, and we stand behind our work with guarantees and warranties. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and financing options to make our services affordable for all our clients.
Elevate your home’s comfort with LHR Plumbing and Heating’s comprehensive services for heat pumps in Concord, NH. Trust us to keep your heat pump running seamlessly year-round. Contact us at (603) 607-6997.


Regular maintenance for heat pumps is recommended at least once a year. It involves checking and cleaning the coils, inspecting the refrigerant levels, and ensuring all components are functioning properly. Proper maintenance helps maximize efficiency and extends the lifespan of the unit.
While some maintenance tasks, like cleaning or replacing filters, can be done by homeowners, it's advisable to hire a professional for comprehensive maintenance. They can identify and address potential issues, ensuring the system operates at peak efficiency.
With proper maintenance, a heat pump can last 15 to 20 years. However, factors such as usage, installation quality, and maintenance frequency can affect its lifespan. Regular professional inspections can help identify when a replacement may be approaching.