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If your property has a backflow prevention system in place, annual testing is required to ensure that your property remains in compliance with municipal regulations.

Schedule your annual backflow test with LHR Plumbing and Heating's certified Backflow Prevention Manchester, NH experts. We can help you with backflow testing, installation, replacement, and repair in Manchester, NH, or surrounding areas in southern New Hampshire.

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Backflow Prevention

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The backflow testing process typically takes no more than half an hour to complete if there are no issues to be found. Our certified Manchester backflow testers will check your system for leaks and other problems, and provide repair or replacement if needed. We will then record our findings on the test report and submit it to the municipal water department.

Backflow testing notifications are sent out about forty-five days before the test report is due. Make sure to schedule testing as soon as you can to avoid interruptions to your water service or penalty fees. Call LHR Plumbing and Heating to book an immediate appointment.

What is Backflow and What Causes It?

Backflow will occur when there is a cross-connection between your plumbing system and the city’s waterline. If there is no backflow prevention assembly installed, wastewater from your plumbing system can flow in reverse and contaminate the city’s potable water supply.

Backflow results from either back pressure or back-siphonage:

  • Backpressure: This is caused by imbalances in water pressure between your plumbing system and the city’s waterline. If the water pressure from your private line is greater than pressure from the municipal system, contaminated water can enter the municipal water line.
  • Backsiphonage: This problem can develop if there is a break in the water main or if a fire hydrant is illegally opened.

In order to avoid contaminating the city’s clean water supply, backflow prevention devices should be inspected and tested annually and replaced if needed.

Backflow Prevention System

Does Your Manchester Home Require a Backflow Prevention System?

All commercial facilities and multi-family buildings are required to have backflow prevention systems installed since these properties will have fire suppression systems that can potentially cause cross-connections between the fire sprinkler line and the city’s main water line.

Individual homeowners are also required to have a backflow prevention system in place if the following apply:

  • You have an irrigation system installed (such as lawn sprinklers
  • You use outdoor faucets or hose bibb
  • You have a swimming pool or an artificial pond on your property

These water systems can potentially create cross-connections and contaminate the community’s clean water supply.

If you don’t already have a backflow prevention device installed, our experts at LHR Plumbing and Heating can provide you with the right equipment and ensure an accurate installation. We carry approved backflow prevention systems that are guaranteed to comply with local requirements.