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Do you need help with your drain? Whether you have an overflowing or blocked sink, toilet, or broken pipe, LHR Plumbing & Heating has drain experts to take care of it.

Our professionals use the latest gadgets, equipment, and technology to give you the best and affordable drain experts, plumbing services.

So, no matter what issue you have with your drain or sewer, contact us today and solve it most efficiently.

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What Causes Blockage In Drains?

Several reasons can block the drains. Some of them are:

Fat: Often, when we wash the greasy frying pan, we rarely think of its consequence on our drain. Well, the fat keeps adding until it becomes troublesome.

Food Waste: While you may not be one of them, many think throwing food in the sink and drain is alright. Well, they get stuck to your drain and eventually block it.

Coffee:  If you rinse your cup off the ground coffee residue enters the drain and sticks to it. In due course, it will build up and block the drain.

Hair: Even if we don’t want it, when we shower, our hair falls and goes into the drain, which eventually blocks the water passage.

Cotton & Tissue: This depends on the material that you are using, whether it is wholly dissolvable or not.

Hard water: Calcium, iron, and other mineral deposits on the drain pipe can block it, too, unless you clean it regularly

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Why Is Drain Maintenance Important?

A drain with blockage is not only unhealthy and smells terrible, but it is also not a pretty sight. Regular cleaning and maintenance by drain experts will not only help you in keeping the drain unclogged but also has other benefits

    • Prevents water stuck in drains that become the hub of bacteria and germs
    • You have to worry less about getting clogged drains
    • Improves the lifespan of the drain
    • Better drainage system while reducing clogs
    • Ensures no more foul odor as debris and food particles no longer get stuck in the drain.

Why Choose Us?

Our team is expert in plumbing and drainage system. When you hire us to work on your drain to unclog it, reline the pipe or install the new one, we offer you the best service in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Our service includes

  • Non-invasive drain, sewer, and pipe unblocking
  • High-pressure jet water cleaning to blast the blockage out
  • Special color cameras to identify the blockage.
  • We offer the most time-efficient service in cleaning and maintaining drains.
  • Competitive prices depending on the work and the travel time, so you don’t have to worry about paying us anything extra.

Along with these, our drain experts know everything about issues when it comes to drains. So we can assure you LHR Plumbing & Heating service will not let you down once we complete our work.

Contact our drain experts today to take care of your property’s drainage system.

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