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Are you tired of hard water damaging your pipes, appliances, and fixtures? The first step in protecting your home’s plumbing system is to have the right water softener installed.

At LHR Plumbing and Heating Hooksett, we can help you select the best water softener for your needs and install it correctly so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of soft water all year round.

We offer affordable expert Water Softener Installation Services throughout Hooksett, NH, and the surrounding areas.

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Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water is a healthier alternative to hard water. It's easier on your skin, clothes, dishes, and hair, making it a good choice for households with children and pets.

  • Your clothes won't get stiff or scratchy when you use soft water.
  • You can use less soap when you have a soft water system because soft water lathers up more easily.
  • Soap used in soft water doesn't leave behind scummy residue that could make your skin itchy or cause you to break out.
  • Soft water helps keep your hair softer and smoother so it's easier to manage and will help keep your scalp healthier by fighting dandruff.

Water Softener Installation in Hooksett, New Hampshire

If you already have a water softener filtration system but don't know when to replace it, or if you're considering installing one for the first time, we've got you covered.

Water softeners are simple and effective systems that can make your life easier—and your hair and skin softer. It’s an appliance that is used for purifying water. It uses an ion exchange process that removes the calcium and magnesium ions from the hard water.

A water softener contains a tank of negatively charged resin or polystyrene beads that attract positively charged sodium ions. As the water slowly seeps down through the resin, magnesium, and calcium ions exchange places with sodium ions, being released from the resin in their place. Water that has been softened in this way is said to be 'ionized'.

When you're looking for a new water softening system, reverse osmosis system, or whole-house plumbing repair in the Hooksett area, you can count on <b>LHR Plumbing and Heating Hooksett</b> to provide the quality service that you need and deserve.