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Water Filtration Installation & Repair in Bedford, NH

If you live in Bedford, New Hampshire, and your water has a metallic taste, chances are you need a water filtration system ASAP. That metallic taste is usually a sign that your water system has metal-contaminated tap water that's been chlorinated and fluoridated.

Drinking too much-chlorinated water can cause a lot of health problems for your liver, intestines, and bladder. It can also make you have high blood pressure and allergies. In addition, a high level of fluoride intake can also lead to abdominal pain, excess saliva production, and so on.

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LHR Plumbing and Heating is Bedford’s top water filtration installation and repair expert. We strive to deliver top-notch Whole House Water Filter Installation services to give you cleaner, safer, and contaminated free drinking water year-round.

We’ll install a Whole House Water Filter for you and your family. We come to your house, remove the old or broken filter, put in the new one, connect it to your plumbing and clean up when done. You don't need to look for any parts or read any installation guides. There is no need to buy any tools because we've got your back. Always.

Which Is Better For Your Family: A Whole-house Or A Point-of-use Filter?

Water sustains life, but at some point, water can also be dangerous to you and your family because of its contamination.

If we are not educated about the importance of clean drinking water, we can end up with severe health problems. Having a clean and reliable water supply can make the difference between a happy home and a sick one.

While choosing to purify your water is a smart choice, it can be hard to know which option—between a whole house and a point-of-use filter—is best for you.

To get a clear idea, you should learn the difference first.

Simply put, a point-of-use filter system is installed underneath your sink or countertop to treat water from a single outlet. This system is best for those who already have a clean and soft water supply in their local areas. (You can call a professional to inspect your water quality for this purpose).

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whole house water filtration system takes care of all your water supply treatment throughout your home. This system treats water right from where the water enters your home. This means getting a worry-free consistent clean water supply for all your needs. This includes cleaning, bathing, washing dishes, doing your laundry, and a lot more.

A whole house water filtration system makes it easier for you to enjoy a stress-free environment and peace of mind, knowing you're providing your family with safe and clean drinking water.

If you're still not sure which option should you go for, you can contact our experts that will help you out in selecting the right system for your needs. At LHR Plumbing and Heating Bedford, we don’t recommend getting water filtration systems that you don’t need. We will only recommend what is best suited for your family and needs.

Find the right water filtration system with us.

In Bedford, water filtration systems are a great way to improve the look, feel, and overall taste of your potable water. Public water systems are often treated with chemicals like chlorine and chloramine. These chemicals can leave your water smelling and tasting unpleasant.

Every home is different, and each has its own particular water treatment needs. This means there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to water filtration. You have no idea which filtration is best for you and your needs.

Luckily, our plumbers in Bedford can help you find the right filtration system and help you install a variety of systems that meet your needs. This includes:

    • Water softeners
    • Water conditioners
    • UV water disinfection systems
    • Reverse osmosis filters
    • Electronic descalers
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