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Garbage Disposal is a powerful mechanical device that can handle daily food scraps from your home. Having a Garbage Disposal taking care of your waste material to keep your kitchen clean is absolute peace of mind. However, when a garbage disposal unit is old or breaks down all of a sudden, it creates more headaches than peace. Worse yet is when you have to take time out of your busy schedule to find a plumber for a quick fix or replacement. All you want is a reliable, cost-effective local service that can get the job done.

We understand that you can't just stick your hand in there and dig for the clog. You need a professional. At LHR Plumbing and Heating Bedford, we have a team of skilled plumbers that have the training and experience to make the smallest garbage disposal repair, such as clearing a jam or replacing your unit with ease.

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Why Install Garbage Disposal At Your Home?

Garbage disposal is a modern invention that makes household chores easier to do. With garbage disposals, you can easily get rid of unwanted food wastes, such as old food, vegetable peels, and even bones without having to sort them out. Garbage disposals are also best for commercial establishments such as restaurants and hotels.

There are several benefits to installing a garbage disposal unit at your home:

✔ Makes your kitchen clean and sanitary, as you do not need to throw food waste into trash cans or bags

✔ Reduces the amount of trash produced and thus helps to save the environment

✔ Saves money on trash bags

✔ Makes operating your kitchen easier, as you do not need to take out large trash cans every time you finish cooking

✔ Helps keep your pipes clear

✔ Helps keep rodents away from your home

✔ Prevents and removes bad odors

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Continuous Feed vs Batch Feed Units

There are two types of garbage disposal units available on the market: continuous feed and batch feed. A continuous feed unit has an electric switch that you turn on and off while running water. A batch feed unit has a stopper that you have to place in your sink before the device will work. 

If you’re not sure which disposal system is the best fit for your needs, call LHR Plumbing and Heating: at 603-270-9224 to speak to one of our experts.