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Sewer Repair Experts – Hampstead, New Hampshire

Are the pipes of your property blocked? Are you falling victim to the mess and order of blocked sewer? You can easily avoid this with our quick and precise, non-damaging method of cleaning the blockage with the help of sewer repair experts of LHR plumbing and heating.

We specialize in repairing and maintaining all types of drains and sewer blockages. Our sewer experts use the latest equipment along with CCV drain inspection. We can also do drain relining

If the sewer lines cannot be repaired, LHR plumbing and heating experts can also replace the damaged pipe.

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How We Do It?

We have the best sewer repair experts in Hampstead, New Hampshire, and use our knowledge and best methods and techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.

With our latest technology and equipment, we break down blockages of any size and consistency. Our unlocking technique often is done by using a high-pressure water jetter. We also use our CCV pipe camera to identify the fault in the sewer pipe by completing the unclogging. Moreover, if there has been a collapsed drain or bad root intrusion, we take the necessary steps to rectify it.

In most cases, the water jetter resolves the issue. But if pipe relining is needed, we do that too by replacing the section with the new pipe and its fittings. Our sewer repair experts can also repair the entire drainage system by either replacing it or combining it.

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Why Choose Us?

Our sewer repair experts don’t do the job mindlessly. Instead, they give the effort and time to understand the problem because we know all blockages and repairs are not the same.

The plumbers specializing in sewer repair inspect the drainage system entirely. Thereafter they initiate the unblocking and then the repair. Our experts are the best because:

    • Specialize in fitting and relining pipes without digging.
    • Have a unique colored camera for drains to survey the issue
    • Service both industrial and domestic unclogging of drains
    • Our experts work effectively on multi-story downpipes
    • We are highly cost-effective and practical sewer repair experts

Why Do You Need An Expert?

When it comes to sewer repair in Hampstead, New Hampshire, there are several reasons that you should be looking for an expert like LHR plumbing and heating. Since we use the latest technology so we get to the heart of the problem to resolve it quickly. The sewer system that connects to your property is a critical aspect. But in case there is are issues like

    • You hear gurgling noise from the drainpipe
    • Moisture pooling around the basement floor or near the drain area
    • Repeat clogging of the drains in the property
    • Water back up on the sink, shower, or bathtub
    • Drains are not emptying at the speed they should
    • Foul odor from the sewer
    • Raw sewage back up in sink drains, toilet or bath/shower

You need an expert to find out the problem before it’s too late. A professional in sewer repairs like LHR plumbing and heating can easily detect the area and rectify it without damaging the entire pipeline.

It is vital for a property the sewer runs efficiently as it not only prolongs its life but also wards off the breaking down of the sewer pipelines.

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