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When a sewer line breaks, it is imperative to call a repairman as soon as possible. Broken sewer lines can cause extensive damage not only to your plumbing system but also to your home’s infrastructure. Additionally, leaving burst sewer pipes for too long can endanger your health.

Thus, if one of your sewage pipes has burst, call our experts at LHR Plumbing and Heating for sewer line replacement in Bedford, NH. Our skilled plumbers can provide quick and knowledgeable service to ensure your sewage pipes function for years to come. Here are the common causes and symptoms of sewer line damage and how to take preventive action.
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Sewer Line Damage Causes

Common causes of pipe damage that require sewer line replacement in Bedford, NH, include:

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Symptoms of a Broken Pipe

Here are the most common signs that you have a broken pipe and should call for emergency service:

  • You hear abnormal gurgling noises coming from your toilets.
  • Your yard is flooded for no apparent reason. 
  • There is no water in your toilets (or less than usual). 
  • You notice sewage backup in your toilet or bathtub. 
  • You smell sewage in your basement, yard, or other unexpected parts of your property. 
  • Your bathtub won’t drain properly. 
  • The grass surrounding your sewer pipes is much greener than in other parts of your yard. 
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How to Prevent Sewer Line Damage

If you don’t notice these symptoms, you likely don’t have an issue that requires sewer line replacement. However, you must perform regular maintenance and take preventive action to ensure a sewer line emergency doesn’t occur. Here are some suggestions on how to prevent major sewer line damage:

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If you need professional sewer line replacement in Bedford, NH, contact our team at LHR Plumbing and Heating. Our professional technicians can perform rapid emergency plumbing repairs that eliminate your problem quickly and leave you with peace of mind.
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