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New Hampshire has some of the softest water in the country, with a hardness level of 39 PPM. While half the population sources their water from unregulated, private wells, the rest count on the EPA to supply tap water from the cleanest nearby lakes, rivers, and public wells. However, when the Granite State’s groundwater has natural contaminants due to large bedrocks, it’s time to step up water quality.

Our LHR Plumbing and Heating water treatment in Bedford, NH, comprise a five-star team with over 20 years of experience who thoroughly test your household tap and provide solutions for healthy water.

Why Consider Quality Water Treatments

About half of Bedford’s bedrock has Radon (a naturally occurring radioactive gas), including fluoride and beryllium, while 30% has arsenic. Most also contain high levels of iron and manganese that negatively impact the nervous system and other bodily functions when digested in large amounts. However, calcium and magnesium are the most evident minerals contributing to hard water.

Hard water tends to be drying, contributing to itchy, flaky scalps and red, scaly skin. It also dries and irritates the nasal passageways, lips, and eyes. Therefore, showering, brushing your teeth, and washing your hands in poor water damage your hair, skin, and nails and, depending on the level of contaminants, may affect your overall health.

Without a quality water treatment, your metal pipes also clog, rust, and corrode, causing low water pressure and broken pipes. It disperses sediments inside your washing machine, dishwasher, and other water appliances. Moreover, these minerals prevent cleaning solutions from lathering and cleaning your clothes and dishes, leaving soap scum on the appliance or fixture walls.

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When We Suggest Water Treatment Systems

Our first step in water treatment in Bedford, NH, to remedy metallic-tasting water with cloudy or discolored hues is water testing. By taking tap samples to our accredited lab and uncovering contaminant levels in the drinking water, we’ll determine whether you need water treatment systems as an added precautionary step.

Treatment systems use water filters and water softeners to remove toxins as water comes out of your faucets, each with unique benefits.

Water Filter

Types of Water Treatment Services

Water softeners are a water treatment in Bedford, NH, that uses tiny resin bed beads to attract hard water minerals from your tap before leaving your faucet. It reduces soap scum and limestone stains on your dishes, washed clothing, and fixtures while softening your clothes, hair, and skin.

Water filtration solutions are another water treatment service, but unlike softeners, it focuses more on your well-being than softness. Filters have a physical sponge-like barrier that traps and locks mineral particles and bacteria as water flows through, distilling it for great tasting healthy water.

Water Treatment Companies Near Bedford, NH

After analyzing your water sample, we’ll discuss the best water treatment services for your home. Our water treatment company in Bedford, voted the best in the area with over 250 five-star reviews, uses high-quality services and partners with the leading manufacturing brands. Call LHR Plumbing and Heating at (603) 435-3842 for one of the top water treatment companies near Bedford, NH, today!

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