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You do a lot with your tap water. Even if you don’t drink it, it enters your body when you brush your teeth, prepare meals in boiling pots on the stove, and breathe in steam from a hot shower. Your skin also absorbs it every time you wash your hands or take a long, relaxing bath.

Unfortunately, as water travels through the pipes and out of your faucets, you never know what you’re getting. That’s why it’s vital you trust LHR Plumbing and Heating to test and ensure ideal water quality in Bedford, NH. With 20 years of experience in plumbing services, our trained five-star team knows how, when, and why to test the tap regularly.

Signs You Have Poor Water Quality

New Hampshire’s water hardness levels statewide average 39 PPM, rendering it soft. That means it has low calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that would otherwise create a buildup in your fixtures, limiting water flow and contributing to corrosion. While not hazardous to human health, hard water also causes discomfort by dehydration, leading to dry, itchy, and bleeding skin, lips, and scalps.

Still, that doesn’t guarantee residents won’t see these or any of the other following symptoms in water with high levels of contamination

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What Water Quality Testing Tests For

However, not all contaminants in the water supply affect our senses. Many, like Radon from drilled New Hampshire wells, are some of the most harmful to our well-being yet most undetectable. That’s why our professional team suggests water quality testing yearly for this and other pollutants, chemicals, and pesticides like lead, fluoride, arsenic, uranium, copper, and much more.

If your water shows any of the above signs or comes back positively detecting what the senses can’t, we’ll suggest top water filters for the faucets you drink from and your showerhead. Most water softener systems use an ion exchange resin to trap minerals and create soft water, helping you obtain better water quality in Bedford, NH.

Water Filter

Water Quality Testing Near Bedford, NH

Since it’s easier to take a water sample and treat your tap water than to treat an upset stomach, dry skin, and faulty plumbing, consider your drinking water quality requirements. As the #1 team in the area, we strive for your comfort and safety, running your water through our accredited and certified lab.

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