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Ductless air conditioning is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional forced-air cooling systems. With a ductless air conditioner, you can take advantage of greater indoor climate control without having to worry about leaking air ducts—which can cause you to lose up to a third of your indoor air and drive up your utility bill.

LHR Plumbing and Heating offers professional ductless mini split AC installation and repair services in Bedford and surrounding areas in southern New Hampshire.

Give us a call today to discuss your particular cooling needs and find out if ductless AC installation is the right solution for your home. We can also help you repair or maintain your current ductless system.

Enjoy Improved Indoor Comfort With a New Ductless AC System

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Ductless air conditioners allow you to enjoy zoned cooling, which separates your home into several different climate zones to meet the specific comfort needs of individual household members. Zoned cooling lets you control indoor temperatures much more efficiently and can help ensure consistent and reliable comfort for every member of your household.

Contact LHR Plumbing and Heating to schedule a consultation with our Ductless AC Bedford Experts. We can help you design a custom zoned cooling plan that will allow you to maximize cooling efficiency and enjoy a more comfortable home environment.

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When Would a Ductless Mini Split AC Make Sense for Your Bedford, NH Home?

We recommend installing a ductless mini split AC system in the following situations:

You’re adding new rooms

If you are planning on adding a new sunroom or bedroom to your home, these additions will also need to be cooled during the summer. Instead of installing new ductwork (which can end up being less cost-effective), consider using a ductless mini split AC for this particular room.

You want to “downsize” your cooling

Are your kids all grown and out of the house, and you’re looking for ways to save on cooling their unoccupied bedrooms? Many homeowners close the HVAC grille covers in empty rooms in an attempt to lower their energy costs; however, this can lead to pressure imbalances and mold in the ductwork.

What you can do instead is install a ductless mini split AC in your own room, while the rest of the house (including any unoccupied rooms) continues to be cooled by your traditional AC unit on a higher setting. This allows you to enjoy uninterrupted comfort while helping you save on your summer cooling expenses.

You’d like to add an AC unit to a home with no existing duct system

Are you planning on purchasing a home that doesn’t have existing ductwork? Want to add an air conditioning system to your currently ductless home? Retrofitting homes with new ductwork can turn into a costly and complex process. Avoid the stress and the hassle of installing new ductwork, and instead consider installing the much more energy-efficient ductless mini split AC.

When Would a Ductless Mini Split AC Make Sense for Your Bedford, NH Home?

Water Filter

If your home is more than fifty years old, it may still have outdated water pipes installed. These are often made of galvanized steel, lead, or polybutylene. While these materials were once the standard in plumbing in the past, they are now likely in decay in homes that still have them in place.

Even if you aren’t experiencing any plumbing issues or you aren’t noticing any leaks, it’s still recommended that you have older water pipes inspected and replaced as a preventive measure. A leak can develop when you least expect it and create even more serious problems. Avoid the headache of having to deal with an additional plumbing emergency and have older water lines repiped as soon as possible.

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No, you should never use an open flame to thaw a frozen pipe. This is extremely dangerous and could lead to a fire. If you have a frozen pipe, call a professional.
If you have frozen pipes, the first thing you need to do is call a technician. Sewer lines are complex and require specialized equipment to thaw properly. Attempting to thaw your sewer line on your own could damage the line or lead to further problems.